Teak Adirondack Rocking Chairs

Arthur Lauer teak adirondack rocking chair

Arthur Lauer Teak Rocker

Here in the US we love to improve things.  Rocking Adirondack chairs are one such example.  The classic Adirondack chair makes for a simple yet elegant addition to porches and patios everywhere.  But rocking chairs have a certain allure too.  Adding rocking rails to an Adirondack chair changes the look slightly while functionally making it a completely different piece of furniture.

The variety in rocking teak Adirondack chairs mimics that of the Adirondack chair category as a whole.  You will find slight differences in style that project elegance, rustic charm and everything in between.  Some examples of the different styles can be found seen in this article.  There are even double seat teak Adirondack rocking chairs!

Adirondack Teak Rocking Chair GroovyStuff

Rustic Teak Adirondack Rocking Chair


Teak wood chairs are perfect for outdoor settings and coastal air.  When exposed to sun, teak wood will weather to a beautiful slivery gray in about a year.  Despite this weathering, teak will not crack or splinter as many other woods would.   This along with its beauty and durability make teak wood the best choice for use in outdoor settings.


These teak Adirondack rocking chairs would also look amazing in a sitting room or study, perhaps even being the focal point of the room.  In these indoor settings the beautiful honey tones of the teak wood will be preserved for many years, especially if well taken care of.

Double Teak Adirondack Rocking Chair Frontera

Frontera Double Teak Adirondack Rocking Chair

The double back, two seat teak Adirondack rocking chairs make a perfect place to be close to the one you love.  There is no better place to spend a late summer sunset than rocking in your Adirondack chair, snuggled up with your significant other dreaming about the future or recollecting fond memories together.


As always, when choosing a rocking Adirondack chair or any other piece of wood furniture consider the impact on our world.  Seek out furniture made from sustainably harvested or reclaimed wood.


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