How to Care for Teak Adirondack Chairs

Teak wood requires very little care relative to many other varieties of wood, thi sis especially important to consider when it comes to outdoor chairs, exposed to the sun and rain on a daily basis.  If your teak Adirondack chairs are in an unprotected location, a few simple care tips will keep your chairs in great shape for a long time.  Reconditioning your teak Adirondack chairs is easy to do with the components and process below.  Chairs that are on a covered porch or otherwise partially protected from the elements can go longer between care than those that are completely unprotected.

The first item you will need to care for your teak Adirondack chair is teak oil.  Teak oil, an extract from teak wood and is the natural and optimum choice for teak wood care.   For best results use one of the teak oil products below since these are 100% natural teak oil.


Behlen Teak OilTeak Oil Master

Penetrating teak oil, dries and stays hard
Wonderful for teak and other wood such as rosewood, zebrawood and monkeypod
Will not become tacky when exposed to heat or water




Amazon’s Golden Teak OilTeak Oil Amazons

Surrounds wood fibers below the surface to lock out moisture, maintaining the woods natural integrity.
Biodegradable and environmentally friendly





Minwax Teak OilTeak Oil Minwax

Teak oil finish is a deep penetrating oil and is specifically formulated for dense exotic woods such as teak
Protects wood from moisture and UV rays
Enhances wood grain by penetrating into wood pores
Restores the natural warmth and richness of wood


Teak Cleaning Cloths
To condition your teak Adirondack chair you will also need cleaning cloths to apply the oil.  You will want to use lint free cloth.  The cloths below are perfectly suited for this project.


Bag-A-Rags Reusable Wiping ClothsTeak Cleaning Cloths

Extremely absorbent washed cotton knit cloths
Lint free
1 pound of white cloths, assorted sizes.
100% recycled pre-consumer waste cloth




RagLady Lint Free WipersTeak Wood Wipes Raglady

Solvent resistant, soft and strong
99.9% lint free
Great for grease, oil, water and surface preparation prior to painting and other applications
55% Cellulose (Wood Pulp) / 45% Polyester



Steps to reconditioning an Adirondack chair
Follow the 9 simple steps below to recondition your teak Adirondack chair.

  1. Gather your teak oil, cloths and find a workspace where spilled teak oil will not the flooring or concrete.  Using a drop cloth may be a good idea.  In addition, doing this in a well-ventilated area is best.
  2. If there is any residue or grime on your teak Adirondack chair first spray this off with a hose, scrub and/or sand if necessary and then let dry.
  3. Place the bath mat on a flat work surface.  You may want to lay down some newspaper or cardboard for easy cleanup.
  4. Fold the cloth in a square and add teak oil to one side.  Don a pair of latex or nitrile gloves for this step
  5. Begin rubbing your teak Adirondack chair with the oiled cloth.  Do this in a systematic way so that you do not miss any areas.  A circular motion will help ensure good coverage.
  6. Add more oil to the cloth as necessary based on how much oil the teak wood absorbs.
  7. When finished, leave the Adirondack chair to rest for 5-10 minutes during which time it will absorb more of the teak oil.
  8. Remove any excess teak oil with a clean cloth.
  9. Let the Adirondack chair absorb the oil and dry for a few hours before sitting down.


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